David Cauchi



Keeping the music legacy

Coming from a music family, David's exposure to music was so contagious that he started taking piano lessons at the age of 6. 

Under the guidance of Anthony Spiteri (it-Toti), David passed his early piano examinations and at the age of 15, he was awarded a prize by the Trinity College of Music having achieved the highest overall mark when doing grade 6 examination.

David obtained the diploma from the London College of Music at the age of 20.

There was always a desire to apply his music knowledge into something more contemporary. He started to collaborate with different singers and musicians initially performing in charitable or similar events and weddings. This was the time where David started to combine more and more piano playing and singing, firstly as a backing vocal and then as main singer.

Having been involved in different music projects both as a sole artist and with other local and foreign musicians, David learned to appreciate and experiment different genres including pop, rock, blues, jazz, reggae and swing.

As of end 2013, David forms part of DBanned which is a pop/ rock band. Later on, he started to collaborate with other fellow musicians which he used to meet in jam sessions. He regularly performs in different venues and events either as a sole artist, with DBanned and also with other artists and musicians. In 2014, David started learning guitar as a second instrument. It gives him more versatility in songwriting and when performing as a solo.

In February 2017, David launched his debut single as a sole artist - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover. The song which David himself composed, is a reggae tune with shades of jazz and speaks about a man's desire for his dream woman.