David Cauchi

Singer, Songwriter & Musician


Keeping the music legacy

Coming from a music family, David's exposure to music was natural, and at the age of 6, he started taking piano lessons. After obtaining a diploma in pianoforte and theory from the London College of Music at the age of 20, there was always a desire to apply his music knowledge into something more contemporary. He started to collaborate with different singers and musicians combining more and more piano playing and singing, firstly as a backing vocal and then as main singer.

Having been involved in different music projects with other local and foreign musicians, David learned to appreciate and experiment different music styles including rock, blues, reggae and jazz. Recently he also started to play guitar as a second instrument. This gives him versatility both when performing or composing music.

In February 2017, David launched his debut single as a sole artist - I'm Gonna Be Your Lover - a reggae tune with shades of jazz which speaks about a man's desire for his dream woman. 

In November 2017, David passed the first selections to participate in the auditions for the famous TV show, X-Factor in Spain. 

One month later, he launched his second single Gone, a rock ballad speaking about an old love now gone. David has plans to release more music in future. His upcoming single is in the Spanish language and was recorded in Madrid. Apart from his own projects as sole artist, David regularly performs in different spots across the Maltese islands, both as a solo and with other fellow musicians, including pop-rock act called DBanned which he joined back in 2013.